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Paper made from elephant poo?

March 6, 2009
Scott sniffs the card

Scott sniffs the card

Yes it’s true, our business cards are made from elephant poo. Ralph our art guy has a paper fetish and found this crazy paper made in India that’s actually made of elephant poo. A little disgusting I know but we think it will be a great reason for one person to show our card to someone else. The hilarious part is people always sniff it. It doesn’t smell. Well, I guess it does smell like the ink printed on it. We had to silk screen the cards because they are so fibrous. Scott couldn’t help it. When he pulled one out of the pack he sniffed it three times in the first 30 seconds he had it. Even when you explain the process to people and tell them it doesn’t smell they can’t resist and will sniff it every time. If you’d like a one of our cards just email us your address and we’ll mail you one. if you’d like to learn more about the paper visit and click on “our cards”.